Meet Vickie Holt

Vickie Holt, born in Seattle, WA at Fort Lawton Army Base Hospital, spent her early years living in several different states before the age of ten, traveling in the military with her mother, Dee, and her father, Robert, who met during an assignment in Fort Smith. Vickie’s father, Robert, was a World War II/Korean War veteran. 


After moving to Texas, Vickie’s parents amicably divorced and her mother returned to college and completed her BA in education. She became a public school teacher while also raising Vickie and her two siblings as a single parent. Vickie learned first-hand the challenges of a single mother, who was also spending money out of her own paycheck for necessities in the classroom. The importance and support of public education was always emphasized in their home. 


Vickie graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Communications and a double minor in Political Science and English. She worked in the advertising field shortly after graduation, but her love of travel led her to American Airlines, where she worked as a Flight Attendant and Purser for 42+ years before retiring in 2018.


On September 11th, 2001, her life changed forever. Vickie lost friends on both of the American Airlines flights that day. As new security measures were put in place, added layers of safety and responsibility were immediately implemented. Vickie decided to go back to work demonstrating that she was not afraid, but determined to show the terrorists they would not deter her from ensuring the safety of AA passengers or continuing her career as a flight attendant. 


Vickie has always been active in public service. She has been a volunteer for many campaigns, marched in many protests around the country, served as an alternate to the Texas State Democratic Convention, served on a Local Public School Council in Chicago, IL, serves as Chairwoman of the Bessie Moody Lawrence Scholarship Committee, and most recently ran for South Carolina State House in District 48 on a platform to bring accountability back to the halls of South Carolina. 


Vickie has two children, Corey and Connor, who both live in Chicago, IL. They are both products of the Chicago Public School system. Her mother, 93, currently lives in Texas. Vickie lives in Rock Hill, SC with her two cats, Clark and Addison. She is very active in the community, volunteering whenever and wherever she can. She makes it a priority to play tennis or walk at least 5 miles every day.  

Vickie and her children, Corey and Connor 

 Vickie and her mother, Dee 

Vickie, 2019 





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